Charter a bareboat yacht and experience the best of Italy!

Explore its magnificent coast, culture...

...and of course its local cuisine like tasteful wines, pasta and pizza.

It's time to find out why Italy is sailors favourite destination!

Charter a Bareboat Sailing Boat in Italy

Why Charter a Bareboat Sailboat

Why Charter a Bareboat Sailboat

The most common option is a bareboat charter which means you get the "bare" boat, but everything else, you supply. There is no crew and people who rent a yacht are responsible for taking care of it. Insurance, local tax, fees, all this is your concern. If you are a licensed skipper bareboat charter is perfect for you, but don't forget to bring all the necessary certificates and documents. If you don't have a qualified skipper you can hire one, but you must be ready to pay all his expenses, including food and drink. Spending more time with your family and closest friends is an advantage of this kind of vacation. Also you get the chance to arrange your own itinerary and organize activities you enjoy or menus you would like to try.

Bareboat vs Crewed

Both bareboat and crewed charter yachts have their own advantages. The bareboat charter yacht means you are chartering a sailing boat without the crew, and also supplying every cost. Just remember to bring the necessary certificates, permits and documents that will prove you are able to sail by yourself. Chartering a bareboat sailing yacht you are accepting the responsibility not only for yourself, but for your crew, family and friends. But if you look on the other side you get the chance to enjoy spending some intimate time with your family. Arranging your own itinerary is another benefit. On the contrary crewed charter yacht implies you get fully crewed yacht. They will give you the feeling of fleshpot, and will take care of your safety, navigate for you and prepare your meals.